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  • elizabeth_taylor_cleopatra

    Remembering Screen Legend ELIZABETH TAYLOR on her Birthday

    Elizabeth Taylor was famous not only for her many Academy awards and work with her foundation to raise money to help combat AIDS, but just as famous for her many marriages, extensive jewelry collection and stunning violet eyes.

  • lil kim pregnant

    LIL’ KIM IS PREGNANT ! Photos and Video of The Baby Bump !

    The rapper debuted a very obvious baby bump during fashion week at The Blonds NY runway show. No other details are known at this time, But we can be pretty sure the child will not grow up to look like she does now…

  • madonna macklemore grammys

    Madonna Grammys Duet 2014 Revealed! Macklemore, Ryan Lewis Collaborating With Singer On ‘Same Love’

    Madonna’s duet partner for the 2014 Grammy Awards has been revealed, and it’s made us even more excited for Sunday’s ceremony. According to Us Weekly, the music legend will perform the gay marriage anthem “Same Love” alongside nominated artists Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

  • tom daley comes out gay


    Olympic diver Tom Daley says he is in a relationship with a man.

    In a video released for his fans on YouTube, the 19-year-old British Olympian says “come spring this year, my life changed massively when I met someone and it made me feel so happy, so safe … That someone is a guy.”

    Daley says in the five-minute video clip, which he published Monday, that he wanted “to put an end to all the rumours and speculation, and just say it, tell you guys,” adding “is it a big deal? I don’t think so.”


    Lindsay Lohan Guest Hosts Chelsea Lately – The Highlights.

    Looking fresh from her 90 day stint at a Malibu rehabilitation center, Lindsay Lohan guest-hosted Chelsea Lately on the E! Channel Monday night, Alongside her co-hosts Brad Wollack, Fortune Feimster and Jen Kirkman.

  • james brown dancing lessons

    James Brown Gives You Dancing Lessons

    Because face it , You can’t dance.

  • RuPaul

    RuPaul Turns 52- Happy Birthday Supermodel !

    HTTP://FIERTH.COM – HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUPAUL – 51 – What other people think of me is not my business. What I do is what I do.

  • grace jones roseland

    Grace Jones Returned to Roseland

    ‘[He is] having his cock sucked !’


    Cher and Kathy Griffin on Mitt’s Efforts To Turn Back Time on Women

    Cher and Kathy Griffin on Mitt’s efforts to turn back time on women in the latest video from the Actually… series. When lies go unchecked, we all lose. spreads the truth, because the truth matters—even in politics. Our team calls ‘em like they see ‘em, and we hope you’ll support the truth by sharing videos before Election Day.

  • Pee-Wee-Herman

    Happy Birthday Pee Wee Herman

    HTTP://FIERTH.COM – Paul Reubens (born Paul Rubenfeld; August 27, 1952) is an American actor, writer, film producer and comedian, best-known for his character Pee-wee Herman. Reubens joined the Los Angeles troupe The Groundlings in the 1970s and started his career as an improvisational comedian and stage actor. In 1982 Reubens put up a show about a character he had been developing during the last few years. The show was called The Pee-wee Herman Show and it ran for five sellout months with HBO producing a successful special with it. Pee-wee became an instant cult figure and for the next decade Reubens would be completely committed to his character, doing all of his public appearances and interviews as Pee-wee. In 1985 Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, directed by the then-unknown Tim Burton, was a financial success and, despite receiving mixed reviews, it developed into a cult film. Big Top Pee-wee, 1988′s sequel, was not as successful as its predecessor. Between 1986 and 1990, Reubens starred as Pee-wee in the CBS Saturday morning children’s program, Pee-wee’s Playhouse.


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