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    Preppy Lifestyle Choices From Coast To Coast

    Current fashion and trends and lifestyle can be simplified by looking at two major cultural influences when it comes to fashion: the East Coast and the West Coast. Making distinctions between the two lifestyle-oriented fashions of the East Coast and the West Coast is actually a matter of degrees. What happens in the east undergoes a new interpretation in the west, and possibly vice versa.

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    A Gritty Lesson In Self Worth..

    Life is difficult. There’s no easy path that leads you towards a problem free life and even those born with the proverbial silver spoon in their mouth will face insurmountable difficulties within their lifetime. It’s part of the journey, or so I’ve been told. The idea that we’re confronted by overwhelming pain and struggle simply so we learn to cherish the positive moments in our lives is a concept I will never begin to understand.

  • check for testicular cancer

    NSFW: VIDEO: Sexiest Self Help Video Ever: How To Check For Testicular Cancer

    Testicular cancer is a young mans disease, and yet this is the age group that has the greatest sense of invincibility from the illness. Dr Harper demonstrates the technique you can use to self-examine your balls, and as its best carried out in the shower, its a great excuse for taking a bit longer in the morning.

  • Scientists see AIDS vaccine within reach after decades

    White House Announces Advances in Gene Therapy may Offer ‘functional’ Cure for HIV

    A strategy to genetically modify cells from people infected with HIV could become a way to control the virus that causes AIDS without using antiviral drugs, according to results from an early-stage trial that were published on Wednesday.

  • 15 pound snickers bar

    YUM! How to Make a 15 Pound Snickers Bar

    In 1930, Mars introduced Snickers, named after the favorite horse of the Mars family. The Snickers candy bar consists of nougat, peanuts, and caramel with a chocolate coating. There are also several other Snickers products such as Snickers mini, dark chocolate, ice cream bars, Snickers with almonds, and Snickers peanut butter bars. Continue reading for a quick and geeky tutorial on how to make a giant 15-pound Snickers bar at home.

  • how to get through the itchy beard phase

    Man-Tips: How to Get Through the Itchy Beard Phase

    Beards are it right now and while some of us have committed to the struggle of early bushy-beard growing , some give in when the going gets rough. In this video , the man with the most monotone voice in the world will help you man-up this winter and get your beard on;

  • steel gym nyc chelsea ken hunt

    The Buddy System- Working Out With Your Significant Other

    While working out as a couple has its benefits—a commitment to staying fit, extra motivation, and a better sex life, may not be not for everyone

  • how mcdonalds mcnuggets are made

    WATCH: McDonalds Shows How They Make Chicken McNuggets And You Puke in Your Mouth a Little

    This is McDonalds Canada official video on how McNuggets are actually made. I will not be having what she’s having.


    Aids Charities Manipulation and Exploitation of Gays; By Justin Samuels

    As a gay man I am appalled to witness Aids charities manipulation and exploitation of gays. Chief among these non profit users and abusers of the gay community is GMHC.


    Gentrification Has Changed Urban Gay Culture

    A lot has been talked about gentrification over the years on how it’s
    changed cities. Poor residents got priced out, nice new amenities
    come in, crime goes down, and real estate goes up. Gentrification is
    really the result of various economic forces that occur at global
    levels. Major cities like New York are simply not the working class
    cities that they used to be.


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