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  • Tom of Finland stamp

    Tom of Finland to Appear on Postal Stamps in September

    In September-October 2014, Itella Posti will release seven new sets of stamps, containing a total of 33 new designs. It is a great collection to choose from; the subjects of the new stamps include male drawings by Tom of Finland, autumnal yard and garden scenes painted by Urpo Martikainen, and Jaakko Tähti’s photos of Finnish bridges. Other subjects for the end-of-the-year stamps include signs of sky and the change in everyday Finland – and, of course, Christmas.

  • the saint nightclub

    Behind The Black Party – Stories of The Saint Nightclub FIVE PART VIDEO SERIES

    HTTP://FIERTH.COM – At midnight on September 20, 1980 The Saint nightclub opened in New York City’s East Village. In celebration of that historic moment 30 years ago, The Saint At Large presents this multi-part series “Stories of the Saint”.

  • Gaetan Dugas aka Patient Zero

    Who Was “PATIENT ZERO” – The Real Story Behind the Man Responsible for the AIDS Outbreak

    This podcast discusses a well known figures in AIDS history, Quebecois flight attendant Gaetan Dugas aka “Patient Zero”. Dugas was a very, very promiscuous homosexual who was showing symptoms of what would be later labelled as HIV/AIDS before the virus was discovered and even before they knew it was a virus or even sexually transmitted.

  • marsha p johnson

    Five Black Trans-Women Who Helped Pave the Way

    Like so many parts of American history, popular culture depicts transgender history as one in which white leaders paved the way for everyone. But, as our community has to keep reminding people, it was trans women of color who led the Stonewall riot and set off the gay rights movement in this country.

  • fire island in the 1980s

    VIDEO: Fire Island in the 1980s – MUST SEE

    1980s ,Fire Island Pines,,Cherry Grove,gay mecca ,, Provincetown, MA,AIDS epidemic ,montage, Cherry Grove Historical Archives

  • putin gay dress up

    PLAY: The Putin Gay Dress Up Game : NSFW

    Support our fight against Russian anti-gay laws!

    On June 30 last year Russian president Vladimir Putin signed into law an “anti-gay propaganda” bill, which made it illegal to engage in any behavior that could be considered “gay propaganda.” wants to make a playful stand against homosexual discrimination and legal actions taken under the regional anti-LGBT propaganda laws.

    And it is really happening! In St. Petersburg in particular, activists and performers, including international superstars like Madonna and Lady Gaga, have faced fines and legal proceedings for expressing support for the local LGBT community. One individual was arrested and fined in St. Petersburg for holding a sign supporting LGBT rights that sated simply “Gay is Normal.” Six LGBT activists were also detained in front of the State Children’s Library in Moscow in July with another “Gay is Normal” banner. And at the end of July, four Dutch videographers filming a documentary on LGBT rights in Russia were briefly detained under the federal law, supposedly for interviewing LGBT youth, and then released and deported on a technicality.

    Unacceptable! If you agree, support our fight, dress-up your own gay Putin and share with the world!

  • buddy cole sochi colbert kids in the hall

    PART 2: BUDDY COLE Ultra Gay & Live From Russia – Pisses Off Police

    When The Colbert Report first introduced Scott Thompson as his classic Kids in the Hall character Buddy Cole, I thought, “This is going to be absolutely fantastic,” thinking that he would be dropped into Sochi and ready to stick it to Russia over the anti-gay laws. After a few appearances, it seemed that he’d just be playing it safe by interviewing American athletes and making general jokes about Vladimir Putin’s hatred of the gays, and the eerie “We’re not allowed to talk about this” attitude of Russian citizens. But that all changed last night.

  • Adam-Goldman-The-Outs

    Forget “LOOKING”: The Outs is the best gay web miniseries out there.

    The Outs is a 2012 miniseries produced exclusively for Internet distribution. Filmed and set in Brooklyn, New York, the show tells the story of Mitchell , his best friend Oona, and his ex-boyfriend Jack and the trials and tribulations of relationships in New York City. It’s relatable, darkly funny and very well produced. I am surprised Netflix hasn’t picked this up. All 7 episodes are avialable for mass viewing on Vimeo


    FLASHBACK: Carmen Carrera on Fierth TV with Mike Diamond

    This segment featuring a very lively Carmen Carrera and Mike Diamond first appeared on Fierth TV in 2011. Everyone loves Carmen!

  • To Russia With Love - Courtney Act

    WATCH: Drag Race Star Courtney Act’s – “To Russia With Love”

    “To Russia With Love” is a electro-pop song with a banging anthemic chorus, about an intense love affair that takes place in the middle of Russia’s most prominent cities and landmarks.


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