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  • crazy republican response to state of union 2015

    Just in Case You Missed The Insane Republican Response to the #SOTU

    Like clockwork, The Republican response to the Annual State of the Union Address last night unleashed a big can of crazy, Unlike last years Monumental feat where Marco Rubio sipped bottles of water in near record setting speeds – Senator Joni Ernst delivered an insane rambling over dramatic folksy diatribe about her upbringing in Iowa.

  • putin gay dress up

    PLAY: The Putin Gay Dress Up Game : NSFW

    Support our fight against Russian anti-gay laws!

    On June 30 last year Russian president Vladimir Putin signed into law an “anti-gay propaganda” bill, which made it illegal to engage in any behavior that could be considered “gay propaganda.” wants to make a playful stand against homosexual discrimination and legal actions taken under the regional anti-LGBT propaganda laws.

    And it is really happening! In St. Petersburg in particular, activists and performers, including international superstars like Madonna and Lady Gaga, have faced fines and legal proceedings for expressing support for the local LGBT community. One individual was arrested and fined in St. Petersburg for holding a sign supporting LGBT rights that sated simply “Gay is Normal.” Six LGBT activists were also detained in front of the State Children’s Library in Moscow in July with another “Gay is Normal” banner. And at the end of July, four Dutch videographers filming a documentary on LGBT rights in Russia were briefly detained under the federal law, supposedly for interviewing LGBT youth, and then released and deported on a technicality.

    Unacceptable! If you agree, support our fight, dress-up your own gay Putin and share with the world!

  • ukraine is burning


    VICE: Kiev’s Euromaidan protesters began 2014 the same way they ended 2013: by rioting in the streets in an attempt to bring down their government. Key victories have already been won, with Prime Minister Mykola Azarov and his cabinet resigning. The demonstrators also forced the annulment of a new anti-protest law that was, ironically, the cause of much of their protesting.

  • venezula riots 2014

    WATCH: BreakIng Down Exactly What’s Going On In Venezuela

    Mass protests have been taking place in Venezuela over the past few days to rally against the country’s government, an ignorant regime that has deprived its people of means to survive and allowed escalating criminal acts to go unpunished.

  • justine tunney

    Transgender Activist and Google Software Engineer Justine Tunney Controls Occupy Wall Street

    Occupy Wall Street has died down. Remnants of it exist in a very disorganized matter. Disgusted by what she saw as ineptitude, Justin Tunney took control of not only the twitter account of occupy wall street, she took control of How did Justine manage this? Justine created those accounts in July 2011.

  • Russia Declares Discrimination Newest Olympic Sport

    Russia Declares Discrimination Newest Olympic Sport

    The video is the newest fundraising tactic by the Russia Freedom Fund, which aims to raise a million dollars by the end of the Olympics to support LGBT Russian activists.

  • olympic boycott

    Boycotting The Olympics Sponsors & Russia – The Sponsors List

    I am against boycotting the Olympics. I am for boycotting Russia and any country that commits human rights violations- including anti-LGBT Policies, and certainly the corporations that support them.

  • mayor bill deblasio

    NYC Mayor DeBlasio Refuses to March in St. Patricks Day Parade Over Homophobic Ban

    Even the Pope says to lighten up on the gays, Mayor De Blasio has chosen to continue his long running boycott of the parade planners policies.

  • elton john russia lgbt moscow

    Elton John Slams Russia’s Anti-LGBT Law Live On Stage In Moscow

    Sir Elton John, one of the world’s most famous gay entertainers, performed in Moscow, Russia tonight and from the stage condemned Russia’s crackdown on the basic rights and freedoms of LGBT people.

  • russian antigay violence

    Russian Anti-Gay Violence Reaches New Lows In Videotaped Bullying

    Some newly released videotapes from Russia show youths being forced to drink urine, or having it poured over their heads. Others show young men being taunted with phallic sex toys, threatened with axes, and forced to carry wooden crucifixes.

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