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    Seven years in the making, five and a half hours long, shot with a cast of hundreds in an abandoned RV dealership in Los Angeles, a cathedral and defunct steel mill in Detroit, and a flooding replica of Norman Mailer’s house floating on a barge down the East River – Matthew Barney and Jonathan Bepler’s River of Fundament finally debuts with a world premiere at the Brooklyn Academy of Music tomorrow night, playing through Sunday. It’s “a story of Egyptian gods and the seven stages of reincarnation, alongside the rise and fall of the American car industry.”

  • the queen

    Watch: THE QUEEN: Full version of the Rare 1968 CLASSIC

    The Queen was filmed in NYC in 1967 and released in theaters in 1968. In 1967 it was illegal for men to dress as women. The documentary follows a 1967 Drag pageant judged by Andy Warhol among others. It stars Jack Doroshow aka Flawless Mother Sabrina, Richard Finochio aka Rachel Harlow and Crystal LaBeija. Crystal went on to start The House of LaBeija pageants which was the premise of the 90′s documentary “Paris is Burning.” In 1972 Richard Finochio underwent sex reassignment surgery to become Rachel Harlow, she began dating John B. Kelly, Grace Kelly’s brother. The relationship ended when John’s mother said she would disinherit him if he married Rachel. Rachel opened the Philadelphia night club “Harlow’s” in the 1970′s. The only person to surface since this classic film was made is Jack Doroshow when he was interviewed by James St. James on youtube. International Chrysis (1951-1990) can be seen as a teenage boy rehearsing dance numbers. These are the Queens who opened the doors for RuPaul and RuPaul’s Drag Race of today.

  • tammie brown

    RuPaul’s Drag Race All Star TAMMIE BROWN makes NYC debut Feb 22 & 23

    RuPaul’s Drag Race and RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars alum Tammie Brown
    makes her New York debut with WALKING CHILDREN IN NATURE. Performances
    will be February 21 & 22 at 7:30 PM at the Laurie Beechman Theatre in
    Times Square (407 West 42 Street at 9th Avenue). The show features
    many of Tammie’s original songs, including “Clam Happy,” “Love
    Pinata,” and “Disco’s Undead.

  • chip cirrohsis interview

    Fierth i-ON Interview with CHIP CIRRHOSIS – Solo Art Opening February 14th at Chelsea Eye Art Gallery

    Fierth’s Brian Mills sits down with vividly visual artist, and nightlife personality Chip Cirrhosis in the lead up to his solo art show at the Chelsea Eye Art Gallery on February 14th 2014. Chip’s art is deeply existential and blurs the lines between reality and dreams while breaking down the lines of normative values and social dogmas. Chip himself is a living piece of art, donning masks he creates transforming himself into a hyper-sexualized porcelain doll; a collection of his framed masks will be included in the exhibit. The Red Carpet Opening and Champagne Reception will be held on February 14th between 7 – 10 pm at Chelsea Eye Art Gallery. Get to know Chip Cirrhosis.

  • justine tunney

    Transgender Activist and Google Software Engineer Justine Tunney Controls Occupy Wall Street

    Occupy Wall Street has died down. Remnants of it exist in a very disorganized matter. Disgusted by what she saw as ineptitude, Justin Tunney took control of not only the twitter account of occupy wall street, she took control of How did Justine manage this? Justine created those accounts in July 2011.

  • Russia Declares Discrimination Newest Olympic Sport

    Russia Declares Discrimination Newest Olympic Sport

    The video is the newest fundraising tactic by the Russia Freedom Fund, which aims to raise a million dollars by the end of the Olympics to support LGBT Russian activists.

  • olympic boycott

    Boycotting The Olympics Sponsors & Russia – The Sponsors List

    I am against boycotting the Olympics. I am for boycotting Russia and any country that commits human rights violations- including anti-LGBT Policies, and certainly the corporations that support them.

  • how mcdonalds mcnuggets are made

    WATCH: McDonalds Shows How They Make Chicken McNuggets And You Puke in Your Mouth a Little

    This is McDonalds Canada official video on how McNuggets are actually made. I will not be having what she’s having.

  • mayor bill deblasio

    NYC Mayor DeBlasio Refuses to March in St. Patricks Day Parade Over Homophobic Ban

    Even the Pope says to lighten up on the gays, Mayor De Blasio has chosen to continue his long running boycott of the parade planners policies.

  • nuho new hollywoodfilm festival

    New Hollywood Entertainment Launches NuHo, the First Online Film Festival – February 7 th-28th 2014

    Technology has transformed the film industry considerably. With digital cable and various online video on demand services such as Itunes and Amazon, there are now more ways than ever to view films. This has cultivated a huge market for independent film, and it has changed the mainstream film industry. In an era where film festivals continue to have increasing importance on the direction the industry takes, it was only a matter of time before film festivals more completely integrated themselves with the internet. The first to do this is NuHo Online Film Festival. NuHo Film Festival runs from, from Feb. 7, 2014-Feb. 28, 2014. Spike Lee is NuHo’s keynote speaker


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