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  • billy eichner lindsay lohan destroy car

    Lindsay Lohan and Billy Eichner Destroy a Car

    Lindsay Lohan and Billy Eichner are very upset about the end of ‘How I Met Your Mother.’ Watch them let out their feelings by destroying a car.

  • village people cant stop the music

    HOMEWERQ: The VILLAGE PEOPLE’S “You Can’t Stop The Music” Re-Viewed

    Mike and Matinga school the kids on the Village People movie ‘Can’t Stop The Music’, a camp classic. Learn it!

  • putin gay dress up

    PLAY: The Putin Gay Dress Up Game : NSFW

    Support our fight against Russian anti-gay laws!

    On June 30 last year Russian president Vladimir Putin signed into law an “anti-gay propaganda” bill, which made it illegal to engage in any behavior that could be considered “gay propaganda.” wants to make a playful stand against homosexual discrimination and legal actions taken under the regional anti-LGBT propaganda laws.

    And it is really happening! In St. Petersburg in particular, activists and performers, including international superstars like Madonna and Lady Gaga, have faced fines and legal proceedings for expressing support for the local LGBT community. One individual was arrested and fined in St. Petersburg for holding a sign supporting LGBT rights that sated simply “Gay is Normal.” Six LGBT activists were also detained in front of the State Children’s Library in Moscow in July with another “Gay is Normal” banner. And at the end of July, four Dutch videographers filming a documentary on LGBT rights in Russia were briefly detained under the federal law, supposedly for interviewing LGBT youth, and then released and deported on a technicality.

    Unacceptable! If you agree, support our fight, dress-up your own gay Putin and share with the world!

  • buddy cole sochi colbert kids in the hall

    PART 3 : Buddy Cole Ultra-Gay & live from Sochi Goes Underground into The Gay Nightlife Scene

    Buddy Cole infiltrates Sochi’s only gay bar to learn about the Russian homosexual lifestyle.

  • it does not get better

    Popular High School Kids Grow Up, Realize – “It Does Not Get Better”

    For most kids in high school, the future promises better days. But for a certain group, there’s no time like the past.

  • rupaul satan illuminati

    VIDEO: Has RuPaul Sold Her Soul to the Devil – Joined Illuminati ? #ilRUminati

    Kanye, Madonna , Beyonce, Jay-Z , Rihanna have all been accused of flashing secret signs and symbols of the illuminati, and now RuPaul too ! We knew that queen was trying to take over the world. In the preview to Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 6, the shows introduction pans across an empty studio where “evil has laid dormant” ,then in an almost subliminal flash “666 six six six” and Rupaul’s Image is transposed with the infamous sign of the illuminati – the All-seeing eye. Watch Closely and never turn your back on her. LOL ! Rupauls Drag Race Kicks off this Monday at 9p.m. et/pt


    The Anthem for those affected by #GAYSCARF

    You’ve seen it. You know it well. It’s that GAYSCARF!
    Got #GayScarf pride? Take a pic of your best look and tweet it @PopRoulette !!!


    Can Richard Simmons Stand Completely Still for 60 Seconds ?

    Richard, Simmons, The Man of perpetual motion , The most excited person on the planet was recenelty challenged to stand still for 60 seconds , Can he do it ?

  • women read messages from gay sites

    VIDEO: Real Women Read Raunchy Messages from Grindr, SCRUFF, and GROWLr

    Hilarious, The short video features a variety of female comedians from The Second City reciting real messages from the gay hookup apps Grindr, SCRUFF, and Growlr. As NSFW as it is hilarious.

  • olympic cat curling

    WATCH: New Olympic Sport “Cat Curling”

    The Winter Olympics sport of Curling is taken to new levels of oddity by swapping out Fat Lazy Cats for the granite orbs they currently use.


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