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  • fierth holiday gift guide

    Fierth’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide – The Must Have List

    Fierth’s Holiday Gift guide is back – with some of the best and unusual must-haves for the 2014 Holiday season.

  • Tom of Finland stamp

    Tom of Finland to Appear on Postal Stamps in September

    In September-October 2014, Itella Posti will release seven new sets of stamps, containing a total of 33 new designs. It is a great collection to choose from; the subjects of the new stamps include male drawings by Tom of Finland, autumnal yard and garden scenes painted by Urpo Martikainen, and Jaakko Tähti’s photos of Finnish bridges. Other subjects for the end-of-the-year stamps include signs of sky and the change in everyday Finland – and, of course, Christmas.

  • apple braun 1960 design samsung

    Apple Products: 50 Years Ago – Designed By Braun

    On the heels of today’s landmark court decision where the church of Apple claimed Samsung maliciously imitated the standard design of their rounded edged rectangular devices winning over 1 billion dollars in damages. Tonight, we remind you that more than 50 years ago a company named Braun designed the predecessors to many of Apples products.

  • Pretty Pretty Peggy Moffitt

    NOWNESS: Pretty Pretty Peggy Moffitt

    HTTP://FIERTH.COM -Filmmaker Phil Pinto celebrates model Peggy Moffitt’s illustrious career, capturing an intimate conversation with the 60s icon and MOCA director Jeffrey Deitch.

  • gio black peter

    Fierth i-ON interview with GIO BLACK PETER

    By Brian Mills Fierth catches up with Artist and Musician Gio Black Peter who can frequently be seen showing and performing his erotic and personal art that touches in all of the right ways. With…

  • arnostyle

    The Amazing Hair Stylings of Arnostyle – Arnostyle creates crazy, outrageous, and amazingly interesting hairstyles for fashion shots.

  • floating paint

    Floating Paint – Amazing highspeed footage of flying paint, comes together to create a brilliant display of motion and color

  • default (9)

    GM’s EN-V Concept Car Tackles Urbanization Video – Take a look inside GM’s new EN-V concept car as Chris Borroni-Bird explains how this zero-emission, electric vehicle could serve as the automobile solution of the future. One major societal trend that GM is addressing with the EN-V is urbanization. Borroni-Bird touches on the six key issues facing the mobility of people living in big cities (Energy, Environment, Safety, Congestion, Parking and Affordability) and how the two-wheeled EN-V addresses each issue.

  • morne fereira-1

    Showcase: Designer Morne Ferreira – The holiday season in New York City means many things- slow moving tourists, shopping zombies, pushy bell ringers; but it also means the most fabulous window displays in the world. Stores such as Barney’s, Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue are famous for their December window spectacles, but there is a new and decidedly more esoteric player in the field- a shop called FD, at East 65th street and Madison Avenue is enchanting passersby with it’s unique holiday widow displays, created by artist and designer Morne Ferreira.

  • 25k4mmx

    GUCCI to release $225 glasses for viewing 3D movies – Being the douche that wears Sunglasses in a nightclub is one thing , but being the douche that buys the new 3D glasses by Gucci to wear in a darkened room where no one will be looking at you is an entirely differemnt level of superficiality

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