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DJ Lina of Fire Island’s Twirlina revealed that the 2015 season would be her last as she’s moving on to a new chapter in her life. I sat down with Lina to reflect on her amazing run in the Pines and to find out what she’s going to do next. Lina’s vibe electric and love filled parties have been a savior to the Pines through some of the most turbulent times helping maintain the scene like a griffin through both devastating fires and political gaffes by some of the nightlife property owners.

Brian Mills: How long has Twirlina been going on and how did it all begin?

DJ Lina: Twirlina has been going on for the last 10 years, Lina’s lounge started two years before that when I was working with Eric at the properties next-door, then moved to Sip and Twirl for eight years, Sean Patrick approached me about doing a weekly gig out there which then spiraled off to three gigs becoming Lina’s lounge above the pavilion. When we started there was only ever a cassette tape player to play off.

Brian Mills: You have a cult following on the Island, How has your following helped Fire Island survive during turbulent times such as the devastating fires and recent political fire storm? 

DJ Lina: I believe that the love that it is brought to the island has managed to manifest itself, keeping everybody together as a community; therefore we were all able to stick together and make it through the hard times knowing that we have each other.

Brian Mills: What was the reaction to the recent political actions by FIP owners?  

DJ Lina: Well I will say this, Eric left me a very beautiful message, I worked with him for only two years, as we did not have a very good ending,  we ended up having a very good now. I guess when you work really hard for someone it’s very hard for them to see the hard work that you put in come to an end, it’s perceived as jab to them personally; when in reality you are only looking out for your own best interest in life. It certainly showed me that my spirit animals had me guided in the right direction.

Brian Mills: What are some of your favorite memories of your residency on the Island

DJ Lina: Some of my fondest memories are of every day being up on that podium receiving the hugs kisses and love from everyone, whether I knew their names or not- I knew what areas they were sitting or dancing in and we all shared in the love that to me never gets tired it’s actually fuels  me.

Brian Mills: Twirlina held one of the best vibes on the island, but was there ever moments when you had to lay the law down in your house? 

DJ Lina: There was maybe two times in eight years at Twirlina, where I, the mother of the house had to bring a child correct, at the time it had to be what it was.

Brian Mills: What are some of the anthems that really set the dancefloor on fire? 

Dj Lina: Some of the reactions were definitely ‘Divas 2 the dance floor’ & Ron Perkov’s ‘Girl from Ipanema’

Brian Mills: What are you going to do next

DJ Lina: What’s next for me is Europe in the summer, it’s where I started and it’s where I’m ending up.

Brian Mills: Who will be replacing you at Sip N Twirl? 

DJ Lina: There’s never a replacement for anything, I think that what I brought and every other DJ that has been blessed enough to be a part of the island brings their own and I would think that anyone else would be original and bring their own, no one wants a carbon copy often imitated never duplicated.

Brian Mills: Now that you’re back in NYC what will you be doing this winter

DJ Lina: Now that I’m back in NYC I will do my weekly Friday party Werk Shop at Hotel Americano with DJ Rubot, and my TBS party -location yet to be determined. I’ll also back-and-forth to Europe.

Brian Mills: What will you miss most about FIP?

DJ Lina: What I will miss most about Fire Island is the community and the love and the familiar faces and the alarm clock at 12, it keeps you alive and dialed into the beautiful energy that only that satellite dish of an island can provide.

Brian Mills: Where do you think FI is heading and how have you seen the community evolve over time? 

DJ Lina: Being a part of the island for the last 10 years I’ve seen a community come together, I hope that it continues to do that if my legacy has anything to do it will be love.

Brian Mills: Any advice for the next DJ’s to follow in your footsteps? 

Dj Lina: I don’t believe in giving people advice, I believe we are all on our own path– however, we do draw from inspiration within people and I would say be who you are supposed to be; come strong with it but always be positive and thoughtful of others and know how to read your crowd.




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Editor / Founder
Founder & Editor of - I am not a journalist, I am not a blogger, and I am not a writer.

Founder & Editor of - I am not a journalist, I am not a blogger, and I am not a writer.


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