WATCH: The GENDEROSITY Project: A Transformative Performance Art Project by Donald C. Shorter

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By Donald C. Shorter


noun, adj, verb, fierceness

1. gender fluid; the bold and the beautiful; fierce and free.

Do YOU, be true.

The ability to reveal the inner ambiguity in all aspects of your personality- regardless of social norms and society’s standards.

I’m Donald C. Shorter, and I’m so excited.

I’m also the creator/writer/performer of the project proclaimed GENDEROSITY.

I decided to run this campaign so I can include YOU in the arrival of all my hopes and dreams. I believe crowd funding is a perfect opportunity to catapult my vision into the arms of the world.

With a passion and background in theater and dance, expression and art is my life. I’m blessed to have performed with the Bill T Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company and have toured with Broadway productions such as Hairspray, A Chorus Line, and La Cage Aux Folles. I’ve been given the amazing opportunity to travel the world while perfecting and honoring my craft. My experiences have not only been a journey through various places with extraordinary people, but a true exploration of MYSELF.

GENDEROSITY first came to me when I was teaching workshops on drag transformations at the Pompidou Museum in Paris, France. I was intrigued by the questions people were asking me about my transformation process and I began to write about how it made me feel and why I was doing drag. Drag is an evolutionary process. And it’s beautiful.

I really wanted to create a show that was written by a DRAG QUEEN for a DRAG QUEEN. I personally find DRAG as a platform for expression in a way that traditional society doesn’t always accept or understand. Why not use DRAG as a way to talk about gender? Why not transform live and document the emotional and physical process? For me, DRAG is way to express gender. An open dialogue about gender can have an amazing effect on acceptance and individuality and ART. We are all both masculine and feminine.  And my ART gives the audience a very REAL and personal account of what it’s like to transform for me and nothing would make me happier than for you to come along with me on this fierce and ferocious ride.

All contributions will go towards funding the production costs of the show. This includes a director and production team, theater rentals, wigs, make up (glitter of course), costumes, the rehearsal space- basically everything to make all of the pieces of my vision come together as one, big, beautiful, and marketable production piece. Spreading the word about this campaign is JUST AS VITAL as monetary contributions.

Words cannot express my gratitude for your generous donations in helping my dreams become a reality! Thank YOU for YOUR GENDEROSITY!



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