Who Was “PATIENT ZERO” – The Real Story Behind the Man Responsible for the AIDS Outbreak

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This podcast discusses a well known figures in AIDS history, Quebecois flight attendant Gaetan Dugas aka “Patient Zero”. Dugas was a very, very promiscuous homosexual who was showing symptoms of what would be later labelled as HIV/AIDS before the virus was discovered and even before they knew it was a virus or even sexually transmitted. He was having sex in bathhouses and other venues in places like New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, and Toronto. The CDC in Atlanta interviewed him and a cluster study was done in which he was found to be in the middle of a cluster of 40 of the first 260 diagnosed cases in the USA. (He told them that he first became active in 1972 and had 2,500 sexual partners by that point). These 40 gays were guys who either had sex with Dugas or were someone who had sex with someone else who had sex with Dugas. This cluster study helped prove at the CDC that the disease was sexually transmitted. The CDC continued to fly Dugas down to Atlanta for questioning and observation but they never publicly admitted that Dugas was their “Patient Zero” as per institutional policy in respect to confidentiality.

AIDS was around for centuries before epidemic  has  taken more than 36 million lives, Here is the story of the REAL Patient Zero.


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