Derek Nicoletto Releases Video for “Hell in Gramercy” Shot on Location at Gibson Showroom NYC

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Derek Nicoletto and his band have released the latest video for “Hell In Gramercy”  from his album  “Just Panic And Get it Over With”. Shot on location at the t Gibson Showroom at The Hit Factory. This iconic studio was the location where several landmark albums have been recorded including The Rolling Stones Emotional Rescue Album, Notorious B.I.G.’s  Ready to Die, Patti Smith’s Dream of Life, and Beyonce’s Dangerously in Love and many, many more.

Hell in Gramercy is a dark delve into one man’s existence amongst the grind of Gotham as well as the internal battles fought within himself and the neighbors upstairs.   Check out Derek’s album on iTunes and his previously released videos on Youtube.


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