WATCH: Pump Up The Volume: The History of House Music (Full Length)

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The 2001 Channel 4 documentary “Pump Up The Volume”  tells the story of the social and cultural explosion that is House. From its roots in Chicago, where it grew out of the ashes of Disco. House music has risen to become the soundtrack to every fashion show, after-show party, premiere and club opening around the world. Today, House is used by many of the leading mainstream music stars – Madonna, Kylie Minogue, U2, Boy George – to break new markets and update their sound, and has influenced more people than any style since rock ‘n’ roll. The series will take the story from Chicago and New York via Ibiza to Britain, interviewing key players on both sides of the Atlantic including Alfredo. Paul Oakenfold, Carl Cox and the people behind the superclubs like Ministry of Sound and Cream. It will also consider the social effect of House – a sound that has transcended all class, race and cultural boundaries, to become the soundtrack of modern popular culture.

The video features interviews with Mel Cheren , David DePino,  Larry Levan, Paul Oakenfold, Little Louie Vega, Luis Santiago, Scott Smokin’ Silz, Vince Lawrence, Frankie Knuckles, Robert Williams,The Warehouse,The Muzic Box, Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk,  Duane Buford, Jesse Saunders, Screamin’ Chip E, Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, Joe Smooth, Byron Stingily , Ron Hardy, Marshall Jefferson, Andre Hatchett, DJ Pierre, Derrick May & Charles Matlock


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