WATCH: Jackie 60 : NYC Nightlife Legend – 10 min Movie Trailer

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I wish I could get my hands on a full length copy of this documentary released years ago.

From the Jackie 60 Youtube Channel: Jackie 60 is synonymous with underground NYC nightlife. Jackie 60 means art, performance, and satire, seasoned with sarcasm. Jackie 60 was created out of the fertile minds of Johnny Dynell and Chi Chi Valenti. Their years of involvement in the NYC nightclub scene lead them to create their own club in 1990, called Jackie 60. In a matter of months, Jackie 60 became the ultimate place to be on Tuesday night in NYC.

Every week for a decade, the Jackie family created performances and “Method Go-Go” centered on unique (though sometimes recurring) themes. In 1999, Johnny and Chi Chi decided to bring the Jackie legend to a stately and dignified end, and the film crew began shooting the last forty weeks. With the club’s complete participation, almost all of the Jackie 60 nights were captured along with behind the scenes footage of the hours of work and planning that went into each performance.

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The movie features over 50 interviews including Debbie Harry, designer Marc Jacobs, artist Francesco Clemente, choreographer Richard Move, MCs Hattie Hathaway and Paul Alexander, fetish-clothing designer Kitty Boots, Drag Queens, Street Thugs, Go-Go Boys, performance artists Dancenoise, poet Penny Arcade, The World Famous Bob, drag kings Mo B Dick and Murray Hill, rocker Jayne County, and Maripol. The Jackie story is told though the words of the people who created the scene every week.

The footage is rich with character, exposition, and performance. The Jackie 60 story is fascinating, insulting, titillating, vulgar, highbrow, smart and ultimately entertaining.

This is the definitive record of a cultural explosion, an art scene that defined two decades of creativity in the most electrifying city in the world.


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