WATCH: BreakIng Down Exactly What’s Going On In Venezuela

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As these videos were being shot, president Maduro was on a live TV and radio cadena broadcast saying “I can give you guarantees that what those colectivos are doing is working, producing.”

Here we see the Tupamaros, perhaps the oldest and best established colectivo, at work in Los Ruices.

Via Elite Daily:

Mass protests have been taking place in Venezuela over the past few days to rally against the country’s government, an ignorant regime that has deprived its people of means to survive and allowed escalating criminal acts to go unpunished.

Yet even more frightening than the reasons behind these demonstrations is the lack of coverage from a great deal of the Latin American media, which has been making a conscious effort to keep the unrest a secret.

This video from YouTube user Andreina Nash explains why thousands of adults, children and students have taken to the streets, as well as what you can do to aid their fight for justice.

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