Transgender Activist and Google Software Engineer Justine Tunney Controls Occupy Wall Street

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Occupy Wall Street has died down.   Remnants of it exist in a very disorganized matter.  Disgusted by what she saw as ineptitude, Justin Tunney took control of not only the twitter account of occupy wall street, she took control of   How did Justine manage this?  Justine created those accounts in July 2011.

Justine herself has an interesting background.  She was a homeless transgender activist in 2011.  She was diagnosed with cancer and needed money for her medical treatments. She ended up getting a job at Google as a software engineer.  She says that Occupy Wall Street isn’t anticorporate, but it is anti Wall Street.

It will be interesting to see how Justine moves Occupy forward.  Some occupiers have criticized Justine for taking over the above mentioned accounts.  But she was the one who created them.  And in order to buy an internet domain, one must pay for it via credit card.  This highlights a problem with Occupy.   Websites and other accounts cannot be movement accounts.   There’s no way for everyone in occupy to have access to the twitter account or to the website.  Clearly someone has to have the responsibility to maintain these accounts.  Occupy being a leaderless movement was always an illusion.  But when occupy’s so called leaders hid behind supposedly not having leaders, it allowed them to evade the responsibilities of leadership.  And that includes being called out for poor decisions.  Kudos for Justine Tunney for being brave enough to take credit for accounts she founded and to take ownership for them.  That in itself is a massive improvement in Occupy Wall Street.

When I covered Occupy, I was hoping Occupy would become a political force in and of itself.  Not to simply be there to elect Democrats for office.  As Justine says on the main Occupy twitter account:

She’s quite critical of what she calls the institutional left and of the liberal elite.  She also is critical of what she terms as American Political theater, as a YouTube Video embedded in a Daily Caller Article illustrates.  Clearly we’ll be hearing more of Justine Tunney, and of Occupy Wall Street.


Justin Samuels graduated from Cornell University with a BA in History. He worked in financial services for three years. After then he decided to pursue more creative endeavors. He has written articles for Yahoo! and the WGAe blog. He also writes screenplays. Justin can be contacted at

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