The Scorching Jokes from Last Night’s Roast of Sherry Vine Hosted by Bianca Del Rio

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Kareem McJagger of Next Magazine transcribed some of the scorching jokes from last night’s Birthday Roast of Sherry Vine hosted by Bianca Del Rio at Industry.  The dais consisted of Sherry’s long time friends Joey Arias, Shequida and Michael “Formika” Jones as well as a funny moment by Gusty Winds.  The place was packed  and there wasn’t a moment of silence  from  the non-stop laughter.
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A taste of the tasteless jokes:

• “Everyone was dressed in black. I thought it was Sherry’s wake.” -Formika

• “No one wants to view the body.” -Bianca

• “Yes, Shequida did go to college, and I was shocked to hear what she got on her SATs: BBQ sauce.” -Bianca

• “You might have seen [Bianca] on Drag Race looking like a piñata. I’ve wanted to hit her, but nothing sweet would ever come out.” – Shequida

• “I hate playing Uno with Formika and Bianca! They keep trying to take all the green cards.” -Sherry Vine



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