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I am against boycotting the Olympics. I am for boycotting Russia and any country that commits human rights violations- including anti-LGBT Policies, and certainly the corporations that support them. The Olympics is one of the few events in the world that brings humanity together, and yes this year it is in one of the worst places on the planet but to  deny the efforts of all of the athletes from around the world who have worked hard all of their lives to get to this point, is to turn our backs on humanity as a whole for the positions of a few. Putin wins, Dictatorships win, and we as a whole lose one of the few links that keep us together as individuals on this planet.  The Olympics Committee, planning , and impact on the earth are also far from perfect , but  Russia isnt the point- Its the games that count.  Boycott Russia and the Corporations that won’t speak out against Russia’s policy of hate and the Olympics committee who is its Putins lap dog, but not the people at the heart of the event.  It remains to be seen how the athletes  who have been given a Russian gag order will respond throughout out the ceremonies, and seeing the torrential pre-game coverage of Sochi’s mis-planning it seems that this is going to turn out very badly for Russia anyway.   –  Remember the 1968 Black Power moment. Lets watch.

1968 Olympics Black Power Salute

The 1968 Olympics Black Power salute was an act of protest by the African-American athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos during their medal ceremony at the 1968 Summer Olympics in the Olympic Stadium in Mexico City.

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