LIMELIGHT not becoming an I.H.O.P. – But will become.. read more

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Its funny, sometimes how old articles of rumor and speculation return to the walls of Facebook and spreading old misinformation driving readers into a over-hyped race to break the wrong news. An article from the Gothamist from 2011 recently did just that stating that the Limelight marketplace was to reincarnate with an I.H.O.P. restaurant. Well here’s the scoop..

Over the last several months several media outlets such as Page Six, NYMag , Commercial Observer and more have all confirmed the rumors that David Barton Gym will be taking over the venue in Fall of 2014, Perhaps bringing in the healthiest pump and work that the hallowed space has seen in some time.  It remains to be seen if the post Midnight “Hot Body Contest”  will be returning to the stage or if there will be protein shake drink tickets changing hands.

SRC: Pagesix, NYMag

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