The Rise of The Gay Country Music Sound

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Steve Grand is a country singer who seems to be in the right place at the right time. It’s unusual for a Country singer to be openly-gay,(minus local sensation known as Jonathan Wiley) so Grand’s first music video ever, “All-American Boy,” is a bit of a shock to the genre.. The video (which already has over 650,000 views as of print) tells the story of a young man, portrayed by Grand himself, who falls in love over the course of time with – you guessed it – an all-American boy. The crush ends up being straight, misreading Grand’s advances and ultimately chalking it up to a “bromance.” While there are no hard feelings at the end of the story (the all-American boy gives Grand a hug and mouths a few reassuring words), Grand is noticeably saddened. The sadness will likely fade away, as the video has gone viral in a very short amount of time, and Grand is in the market for a label.

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