NYC Icon The Queens of Queens A.K.A La Loca Alive and Resting After Health Scare

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The Queen of Queens, aka. La Loca, aka Miss Colombia, an icon of New York City is alive and resting after several recent rumors of his passing. The man who spreads rainbows, love and light was recently admitted to the hospital after suffering a nervous breakdown when faced with bringing his father’s ashes back to Spain , following his passing in 2012.

The Queen of Queens, who claims to be the mother of Santa Claus and The Three Kings who is always accompanied by his multi-colored puppy in a baby carriage, is being held in a hospital, and at the request of his few relatives in Queens, prefer to keep in secret the details of the recovery of La Loca.

“I’m not dead, I go outside to enjoy the summer” he says emphatically, He has lived in New York City for more than forty years

“A month ago in the hospital, my brother he loves the outdoors, the sun, the noise of the street and parks in summer now in a bed by medical orders,” says his sister Eddy exclusively to New Digital York.

The medical condition of Oswaldo Gomez is complicated but not on the verge of death as rumored in New York.

Special thanks to journalist Jacqueline Donado, who is producing a chronicle on The Queen of Queens for her help creating this article.
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