The ‘Who You Calling A Cow ‘ Remix Challenge!

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Attention DJs, Remixers, Music Producers and Dairy Queens: announcing the ‘Who You Calling A Cow ‘ Remix Challenge!

The winning remix will be included in the upcoming Mike Diamond Greatest Hits digital EP.

Create a remix in the musical style of your choosing, be it ‘classic bitch track’, house, crunchy dub step or new school electro. Feel free to use samples and vocals from other (non copyrighted sources) sources, but Mike (and Matinga’s) vocal samples must comprise at least 75% of total. The official winning track will be titled as ‘The Dairy Queen Mix”

‘Who You Calling A Cow?’ music stems (courtesy Devon Perry) and acapella vocals (including previously unheard ‘bitch track’ lyrics) are downloadable here: 


EMAILTO:  FIERTHMUSIC@GMAIL.COM   – Winner will be announced after one week of public voting on MONDAY JANUARY 7TH 2013

Please do not post your remix on any other online forum (facebook,soundcloud etc) for the duration of the challenge. The winner is decided on via online voting, so campaigning is important. Get out the vote on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and via email blast.

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