HOMEWERQ: Taking The Children Back To School – LURN IT !! EPISODES 5-12

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HOMEWERQ Ep 5: Hot Buttered Poppers!
Mike Diamond and Matinga want you to take a deep breath…

HOMEWERQ Ep 6: Your Movie Stinks, Hello!
Mike Diamond and Matinga discuss a few of the worst gay films ever…cine-messes!

HOMEWERQ Ep 7: Size Queens!
Mike Diamond and Matinga discuss: is more than a mouthful too much?

HOMEWERQ Ep. 8: The Queen’s English
LEARN IT! Mike Diamond & Matinga school the kids on gay slang!

HOMEWERQ Ep. 9: The Queen’s English 2.0
Learn it! Mike Diamond and Matinga school the kids on even more gay slang!

HOMEWERQ Ep 10: Viewer Questions!
Mike Diamond and Matinga answer some queries from the viewing audience.

HOMEWERQ Ep. 11: God Save The Queens!
Learn it! Mike Diamond and guest co-host Storm Lee school the kids on some legendary gay music icons.

HOMEWERQ Ep. 12: The Happy Hookup!
Learn It! Mike & Matinga school the kids about online encounters.

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