The NYC Glammy Awards Under Attack from The Hollywood Machine [Action Alert]

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After 14 years of The NYC Glammy Awards; Cherry Jubilee’s annual nightlife award show, has fallen prey to the music awards show “The Grammys”. Lawyers on behalf of the music awards cry foul with Trademark Infringement suits and Cease and Desist clauses denying the continued use the long standing name. Cherry has been privately battling the heavily represented organization for some time now but being backed into a wall she is appealing for your help.

“I’ve been fighting them myself—since I can’t afford lawyers—for over a year. They’ve tried every trick and maneuver in the dirty playbook. And they got my request for one denied,” says Jubilee. “And now, not being happy enough with that, they are threatening me and XL (the venue where we are holding Glammy’s this year) with lawsuits… demanding we not use the name… They feel the similarities would cause confusion and ‘damage’ their mark. It’s absurd.”

Support for the Glammy Awards has sprung up around the web and an online petition has made a strong start at retaining the rightful name of the event. [ sign petition here ] Cherry has also gone on to point out the fact that Glamour Magazine has been hosting an event also named the Glammy Awards for several years without any legal harassment from the music organization , Is this another case of homophobic bigotry on behalf of the Music Giant ?  Support The Glammy Awards by Signing the petition here

We will keep you updated as details unfold…

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  1. Christopher Lance Brown

    September 12, 2012 at 3:29 AM

    Homophobia, Clearly!

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