Complete Fire Island Pines Rebuild In The Works ? We Have the Alleged Proposal

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Proposed designs for the rebuilding of the Fire Island Pines Harbor waterfront indicate sweeping changes to almost all of the previous structures, and not necessarily for the better.  The alleged designs found on the website markatlarge, featured the addition of many new hotel rooms,  a new restaurant, and retail facilities. But, has it missed the mark in keeping with a seaside retreat feel,  introducing cold and industrial 1960’s strip mall like structures- camouflaged in blue and white paint. 

Perhaps the biggest downfall of the new renderings were of the bridge like building, built above the pool, with all of the romance of a highway overpass  which will end up blocking out most of the sun. Designers also did not solve the problem in the layout of the Low Tea deck where movement is nearly impossible. Why rebuild just to replace “meh” with “ugh”.

What do you think ? 

The Pavilion’s Temporary Tent for Summer 2012

The Alleged Proposal for the Fire Island Pines Harbor 

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