CAZWELL & PEACHES “Unzip Me” Official Video Directed by Bec Stupak

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Director: Bec Stupak / Honeygun Labs
Producer: Cazwell / No She Didn’t & Graham Willoughby / Smash Camera!
Editor: Johnny Woods / Honeygun Labs
Color Effects: Bec Stupak / Honeygun Labs
DP: Graham Willoughby / Smash Camera!

Executive producers: Bill Coleman and Angelo “Pepe” Skordos

Head Costume Designer and Concepts: John Renaud
Styling: Mark Sifuentes
Assistant Stylist: MsFitz
Hair: Acid Betty
Makeup: Daniel K

Geronimo Frias
Johnny Loaiza
Paisley Dalton
Justin Bond
Anthony Spinello
Cherie Lily
Amanda Lepore
Vice Cooler

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