Anti-Gay Organization Complaining About People Being Mean To Them

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This is not a parody. 

In this Stoplight commentary, Stuart Shepard explains why he and his coworkers understand the way people react to Christian conservative ideas.

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  1. Delta Pearl

    July 24, 2011 at 10:04 AM

    I can’t believe you tricked me into watching this.

    These evil monsters aren’t complaining at all about how they are treated. Indeed, they are almost smug in their sense of superiority.

    Don’t even waste a second watching this unless you feel the need to vomit.

  2. Taylor Lautner's Freaking HOT

    November 23, 2011 at 1:01 AM

    What a joke… Just because someone “used to” fit a certain category, doesn’t mean they are now superior to those that fit into that category since they are no longer a part of it, and who’s to say that person is right for not fitting a certain category anymore? You may have been an “alcoholic,” “gay,” or an “orphan,” but you sure as hell do not have the right to judge others because you “used to” be and according to your religious views you believe you are right. News flash… Freedom of religion applies to everyone, not just those of your same religion. If you want others to be more accepting and less critical towards your religious views, then perhaps others, such as yourselves, should do the same and show tolerance towards others’ beliefs and views. Personally, the man that claims he “used to be gay” irks me the most. Perhaps he is bi-sexual and simply discontinued his pursuit towards other males. Or maybe he really is gay and is simply trying to be heterosexual. Or possibly this is a false claim used to try and convince others that he must be knowledgeable in the matter.
    Regardless, in order to create a valid and sound argument to support your conclusion you must change a couple things. To support your argument use premises that are factual and have reputable sources. Your religious views and religious materials have no validity in arguments, regardless of how much you believe in that material; just because you believe a certain script is holy and true, doesn’t mean I won’t think its just a script some that some person wrote down and claimed that it came from a higher power. All premises that are based on religious views, scripts, hymns, etc, are invalid and provide nothing to back up your original argument.
    Quit being hypocrites, intolerant, and ignorant. Practice your religious beliefs, and attend your religious meetings. However, be tolerant towards others that want to practice their own religion; if their views differ from yours, then practice the teachings of your religion and be “christ-like,” not preach and talk down to others that don’t share the same views.

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