CHAD JACK Vs NASTY PIG Are Back And Serving: GAG ON IT Brings It To The Dancefloor

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Gag On It (DJ Chad Jack Promo Set) by Chad Jack Vs Nasty Pig

If old school is Franklin Fuentes claiming, “I’m Vanessa Williams, Catwoman and Jessica Rabbit rolled into one,” on his classic bitch track, “Work It Girlfriend,” then the new way is Chad Jack Vs Nasty Pigstomping down the aisle of contemporary dance music references, to mop ‘n’ mash tribal, circuit and battle beats in to “Gag On It,” one fierce diva-drop* of a track. Shablam!

The follow-up to the cuntroversial “eZbreeZ” (COVERGIRL: hated it), “Gag On It” brings back the bitch track, 2011 style. Butch enough for the boys and banji enough for the queens, “Gag On It,” is the second collaborative effort from NYC-based international DJ and producer Chad Jack and David Lauterstein, CEO of Nasty Pig, a New York fashion brand born on the legendary Sound Factorydancefloor.

With mixes by Superchumbo (Tom Stephan), Barry Harris, the U.K.’s Still & Havoc and up-and-coming children, Coletta & Lacava, “Gag On It” is all that and a bag of beats, too.

 Bonus beat ovahness: Download the 1 Hour “Gag On It” MINIMIX above.
Check out all “Gag On It” mixes on SoundCloud.
Availalbe August 27 for download on

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