8 Shocked Andy Cohen Reactions to Patti Stanger’s Offensive Gay Dating Advice

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Watch what happens to Andy Cohen’s face!

“Millionaire Matchmaker” Patti Stanger went off the charts on the offensive sterotype-ometer when she blasted gay relationships as a guest on Andy Cohen’s “What What Happens Live” chat show on Bravo last night.

Stanger, whose Bravo series follows her as she helps single (rich) people find love, took questions live from viewers about relationships–and her advice for gays┬áhad Cohen’s head spinning.

Take a look at his eight cringe-worthy (and kind of adorable) reactions to Stanger:

1. Patti on monogamy in gay relationships: “In the gay world there will always be open.”


2. Patti on where gays can find love: “There’s Grindr (a ‘hookup’ chat site) for you, go on Grindr. You’ll have a great time.”


3. Patti: “I tried to curb you people…”


4. Patti: “Protection, please on that one… (Grindr)”


5. Andy: “But I am a gay and I’m down for the monogamy.” Patti: “Pffffffffffft.”


6. Patti: “If you give a really good blowj–, then a man falls in love with you. You know this, you’re gay.”


7. Patti to a viewer Skyping a question: “You’re very handsome, I thought you were straight. That’s a compliment.” Above, cameras cut to Cohen reaction.



8. Andy: “Why is being straight a compliment?” Patti: “Because he’s not queeny. Like you want a queen? Yeah, I don’t think so.”


Watch the video:

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