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Congratulations goes out to Queen Latifah, who, for the first time, has publicly discussed her sexuality.

In a recent interview with Sister 2 Sister magazine, she described the kind of women who tickle her pickle:

“I just like ladies who have class. Period. And if it’s “T and A” you’re sellin’, that’s fine, as long as that’s what you’re selling. But you don’t have to show everything, you know? You can hold some back and just be yourself and let your personality shine and let your individuality show. To me, that’s sexier. A confident woman is a sexy woman, in my opinion.”

Last month National Enquirer reported that Latifah and her longtime girlfriend, personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins (seen above in an embrace last year), recently separated amid a dispute over Latifah’s bad eating habits.

But it seems now that Latifah is ready to find love again–and she has made it clear that sophisticated beauties with big personalities and a reserved sexual prowess should step to the front of the line!

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