Kazaky: Well Heeled, Boy Band in new Photos and Interview

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From Depesha:

Pop history is made of one hit wonders. YouTube breakthroughs give way to the next sensation as viral videos abound to satisfy public’s nano-short attention span. Occasionally, a “justin-bieber” happens and music industry takes immediate notice. In September 2010 Ukrainian group KAZAKY made quite a splash in the virtual talent pool with the release of their debut single “In the Middle”. In 2 minutes and 33 seconds they managed to stump the cool back into the languishing music video format and genderbend the boyband concept beyond recognition. Three million views later “dance, dance for me baby!” is the new “relight my fire”. This just might last.

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Photos: KAZAKY by Sonia Plakidyuk / Moi Sofism / SALT photoproduction

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