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The ballad of sarah palin was written and directed by and starring lady bunny. the amazing dorothy bishop played the hell out of sarah palin and you can learn more about her at her website: dorothy also does palin in her parody of madonna’s vogue, going rogue: . bristol palin was portrayed by downtown nyc staple gina varla vetro, who frequently works with comedian john roberts. camera work by fritz main and editing by ralph modica. special thanks to all around assistant/lifesaver sugar colarocco. for more on lady bunny including where to purchase her outrageous comedy dvd, visit:

and now a few serious words on the subject of this video:

sarah palin did not gun down anyone in tucson. but when she puts cross hairs over gabby giffords’ district and constantly riles up her fanatical, gun-loving base with terms like “reload”, she’s hinting at violence. and violent and dumb is a very dangerous combination.

In the 2008 presidential campaign, sarah palin could not tell katie couric the name of one newspaper or magazine she reads. most of the country instantly realized that she was an idiot. some people, probably idiots themselves, identified with her ignorance. but sarah is a charismatic speaker. and if you aren’t the type of person to care enough about politics to dissect the issues, you might just like her for her hairstyle or because you think she’s sexy. but a hairstyle, however attractive it is, isn’t able to pull this country out of the dire crisis it’s in. or even govern during good times!

After using palin’s endorsements to elect tea party candidates in the mid-terms, the republican party is now distancing themselves from the rotten roar of mama grizzly. but never forget: the republicans created this monster by choosing her as a vice presidential candidate for mccain’s failing campaign. and if a lying, gun-toting, end of days, extremist psycho masquerading as a good ol’ fashioned winking hockey mom is what republican leadership thought would give mccain’s message a boost, then how appealing could the republicans’ message be to the american people? not very.

I don’t expect everyone to agree with my political views, but if you can’t see that hate-mongers on the right or on the left–though i don’t see nearly as many of those–are leading us down a dangerous path of gun violence and assassinations, something is seriously wrong with you!

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