Spencer Pratt admits his legal marriage to Heidi Montag was a showbiz sham

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Confirming what we already knew , an no we’re not talking about the fact that Spencer Pratt is the worlds biggest douche bag. Pratt told People Magazine in an interview Friday that his Marriage to Heidi Montag was in fact a ploy to garner ratings .

The reality star that couldnt then broke down the fourth wall with a sledgehammer by tweeting a number of messages at MTV about his fake marriage and divorce.

via Twitter:

I miss the sound stage. @mtv I need my script back. Don’t know how to live without producers guiding my storyline. I am lost without @mtv!

@mtv I got served with divorce papers? I thought that preacher at the wedding was one of the actors like my paid friends and family & exWIFE


@mtv This whole time I have really been married? I thought we did that for ratings?


@MTV Heidi left me seasons ago! Hello! she just didn’t have beefy LC to film with anymore so she had to be stuck with King Spencer! Sucker


The Question still remains however , How much longer til Pratt takes the dry out completely ?

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