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Our Original coverage of Iamwhoami can be found [here]

Iamamiwhoami is the latest in intriguing mystery viral video phenomenon. With nine video music releases each more or less surreal then the previous experiment these videos tease your imagination and at times blur the boundary between real life and hallucination. Alas,  No one quite knows for sure who is behind these productions,  Speculation has focused on artists such as Jonna Lee of Sweden,  Trent ReznorLittle BootsThe Knife , *especially Karin Dreijer AnderssonGoldfrapp,Lykke LiGwen StefaniMadonnaLady Gaga , & Immi;  Clearly no one knows for sure.

The Video titles too are coded series of numbers, adding to its elusiveness.  When indexed into the alphabet, these spell out words such as “educational”, “I am”, “its me”, “mandragora”, “officinarum” and “welcome home”.

Mandragora officinarum is the mandrake root, particularly when used for psychedelic purposes. [5] Each of the first six clips closes with a drawing of an animal– a goat, an owl, a whale, a bee, a llama, and a monkey.  Furthering the mystery the sixth video closes with a woman whispering the word why or Y ? The seventh clip, in a break from form was released titled simply “b”. This video presents seemingly the same woman wrapped in plastic, watched over by three men.  Video 8 was the longest to date and features that we believe to be the same woman in the previous videos but now is in a new form with shorter white eyelashes, along with 6 cats, strawberries and 6 Black faces.

The last release as of time of this article titled “u-1” shows a man running through a forest towards a cardboard like fort.  In the beginning she says “a quién le corresponda”, Spanish for “to whom it may concern” which has been part of the artwork of all single downloads.

We encourage a deeper look into these videos and share your feedback with us. Presented below are all nine video releases from Iamamiwhoami. Enjoy.

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