Fierth’s Gay Pride Inspiration: Get this song and feeling in your head and spread it everywhere in your actions

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The best parties dont need the best music or DJ s  , the need only the best Vibe .  learn somethign from this simple video from fame  and try to create new feelings of excitemnet , unity and energy over pride weekend.

Fierth is gonna be at so many functions over the next few days , but to help us help you help us get the best pictures , remember that the vibe of every party is what makes it extra special and unique , feel this video clip from the original film ” Fame ” and have it in your soul as you approach new experience over the next few days . Dont be a wall flower , partici[pate , Laugh , enjoy , and especially at gay pride , leave the attitude at home .

Well be back  in a few days with a full report on all of the goings on  as we see them . Hot Lunch !

Get Into !


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