Keeping the Fanta’zhézhé Real

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My quiet night at home was tossed out the window with Baby Jane’s comment to her status update: “what would you be doing this evening Sethingtons?” I’d liked her status update, thinking about her plans, after all. We were set to have a B-eautiful night accompanying Epiphany, swinging though Boybox at G Lounge, Bonbon, and The Box. So, I was pondering my look for the night, going through things I’d bought in London and Venice … to find the evening reduced in one of Jane’s subsequent updates: “Scratch that! G Lounge it is.” I donned a version of the new uniform–with my hipster leather suspenders on full display–and headed out.

G Lounge was packed–at times in that hard-to-walk-around kind of way–which was nice since I thought it might be a bit quiet this week out with people traveling for Christmas. Making my way in, I enjoyed a hearty greeting from Glammy-nominated Go-Go Boy Geronimo (pictured above), whom I hadn’t seen in a while. I miss how he’d come over and dance to my beats in between sets at another bar. Epiphany was there, by the bar; but I didn’t see Jane, whom Epiphany said was there somewhere. “Look for the white glasses,” she suggested.
After I said hello to DJ Cazwell and bopped to what he had on, Peaches’ “F*ck the Pain Away,” I found Jane Lane giving office boy realness with her best friend Daria Casey. Rob was there, too. I was working on my first round while everyone was passing off jackets to watch and figuring out what happened to Rendi. (Check out Jane Lane’s animated ego introducing her Jane cam 4:49 into the clip below: “All Jane, all the time. Well, except naked time.” She explains that “it’s a public service. If my mundane little life can somehow provide comfort to lonely Web trollers, then I’ll know my time here on Earth wasn’t wasted.” A sarcastic blog manifesto?)

We were losing people like we were on a shipwreck, taking on water. Rendi, Rob. Casey was about to bolt. Jane and I finished our next round and decided to head over to Barracuda. First we dropped by to pick up Rob at his apartment overlooking Barracuda launching pad. Along the way, Jane and I discussed the balance between ethics, comedy, and racial politics in Facebook posts.
We popped down to Cuda to say hi to Kyle, our favorite barback, and to Mimi Imfurst (pictured above) hosting her weekly Karaoke-fest. To my surprise, Cuda was also packed–was everyone out nabbing one last hangover for the road?–and Miss-ter T-Boy (pictured below left, with Nicho) was filling in at the DJ booth. James Coppola and Ben Andrews were there, too.
My De La Blanca sister Dallas DuBois (pictured above right, with Mimi) was by the pool table. Soon, Mimi dragged her onstage and asked her to sing “I’m A Little Teapot.” Mimi and T-Boy lovingly traded barbs between the singers, who included Yuhua, giving a subdued fantasy, and belting out the Glee-revived Journey mega-ballad, “Don’t Stop Believing.” Someone should have sung the Cheers theme, since it seemed like Cuda was the spot for all of us to catch up and close out the night. Nicho was talking about his New Year’s party at VIG 27. I was talking with T-Boy about doing a track with him. Baby Jane introduced me to, and told me to watch out for, Lady Blue. I told Bianca del Rio I had to edit that video I took of her and Dina a couple weeks ago. Glammy-winning Go-Go Boy Matthew Camp came to Cuda after finishing his shift at G Lounge.
Then, my De La Blanca sister Celso (pictured above, serving the dance floor at last week’s B*tch @ss Trick party, with me beside her) came in with Tyler. T-Boy, Celso, Tyler, and I had more than a few laughs, both in Cuda and at Unicorn video store next door on our way home.
I’ll share a couple quotes. At Cuda, Celso was waxing nostalgic. She longed for the 1991 club scene because if it were 1991, she reasoned, “my p*ssy would be beaten up tonight.” Tyler was busting out his Hammer moves and chanting “Too Legit to Quit.” T-Boy and I were reminiscing about Oaktown’s 357, singing “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah” to the beat of whatever was playing at the time. At Unicorn, where we said hi to Ben Andrews’ poster and greeted the last customers of the night, Celso sighed, “Who needs a Glammy when you can’t get laid?” At the subway, I suggested that all she needed was a Penn Station fantasy. We all laughed, said our goodbyes, made our way home. I posted Mariah’s “Fantasy” remix with ODB to her wall, reminding her to “keep the fanta’zhézhé real, son.”

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Seth Clark Silberman (PhDJ) is a NYC DJ and writer. For almost two years, he was Sherry Vine's DJ at the now-closed DTox in the East Village. His first NYC residency was at Boys Room, where he DJ'ed for Amanda Lepore, Cazwell and Gio Black Peter. He has also spun at The Cock, Eastern Bloc, Posh, Vlada, Arrow Bar, Lucky Cheng's and Formika's F Word party when it was at Club Rebel. Seth was the first junior faculty hired to teach lesbian and gay studies at Yale University. He has been widely published on literature and popular culture. His writing about music has been include in VIBE and Paste magazines as well as Creative Loafing Atlanta. Seth also goes by his photographer alter ego, Richard Appedon.

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